SDCC 1/7 Scale Bust Marvel Animated Spidey-Sense Spider-Man

SDCC 1/7 Scale Bust Marvel Animated Spidey-Sense Spider-Man
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The Peter Tingle
Man, Peter Parker is one lucky guy. Sure, he has super-strength. He's also got super-agility. He can also shoot webs with a simple thwip of the wrist. But you know what? If we could have any spider power that he has, we'd take the good ol' Spidey Sense. The Peter Tingle, if you will! An instant warning that lets you know when anything is about to go wrong? Yes, please.
Well, this SDCC Marvel Animated Spidey-Sense Spider-Man brings you the iconic superhero using his greatest superpower! The figure stands 6" tall and is inspired by the animation from the 90s cartoon series. The figure was designed by Barry Bradfield and sculpted by Paul Harding as a limited edition figure, one of only 1000 ever made. It's an easy choice for any Spidey collection!

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