Psylocke Marvel Gallery Comic Pvc Statue

Psylocke Marvel Gallery Comic Pvc Statue
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When Worlds Collide 
You may have thought that all of your dreams came true when Marvel Comics introduced a character that was not only a mutant but also a ninja. Surely, an epic moment in your life that will not be forgotten. However, it will finally be surpassed. Now, you can bring this character home with you! That's right, make this Marvel Gallery Comic Psylocke Pvc Statue yours today.
With all of the training of a ninja paired with the mutant ability to use telepathy in a rather unique way, Psylocke is easily one of the coolest characters Marvel has ever introduced. Proudly bring her to your home or workplace and rest assured that all of your belongings will be safe. With Psylocke keeping a watchful eye, no one would dare lay a finger on your prized possessions!
The Details Revealed 
This statue features your favorite shinobi mutant in a battle-ready pose. Her steel blade is drawn and she has animated her Psychic Blade around her clenched fist. She is depicted in her black skintight suit, as well as her pink sash wrapped around her waist. You can tell by the look on her face that she's not in the mood to deal with any nonsense. 

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