Marvel Stormbreaker Role Play Axe

Marvel Stormbreaker Role Play Axe
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Love and Thunder Axe
You know you have an epic fantasy weapon when the quest for the item is almost as incredible as the weapon itself. If you are familiar with the comics, you probably knew Thor would use a dying star to forge Stormbreaker. Who would have known he would also tank a blast from that very same star (so cool)? Jeez, Stormbreaker must be made from pretty good stuff. If only someone knew how to get their hands on one of these Thor Accessories.
FUN Details
Don't tell Odin, but we struck a little deal with Eitri, and he gave us the line on some officially licensed Marvel Accessories that you can't even find on Asgard. If you are looking for Marvel toys, specifically a Stormbreaker Axe, we would love to open our enchanted chest and supply you with a Thor Stormbreaker Role Play Axe. It may not be made of Uru, but it's just as fun to wield and a lot less dangerous.

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