Marvel Legends Series Ms Marvel 6-Inch Action Figure

Marvel Legends Series Ms Marvel 6-Inch Action Figure
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Purposeful Powerhouse
Being a teenager is tough. Do you remember when you were a teen? Life seemed so harsh back then. Things were moving so fast. You were transitioning into a new phase of life while your mind and body were rapidly changing, and everything seemed like an existential crisis. Sorry if we forced you down a trip to memory lane. We simply want you to think about all that, then throw in latent Inhuman abilities. High school would have been very different, that's for sure.
Kamala Khan, aka Ms. Marvel, is one of the newest editions to the Marvel universe. Between her deep knowledge of Marvel lore, and her morphogenetic powers, you would think the Jersey City native was born for this role. Like most teens, she was able to find her purpose eventually. If you are a fan of the Muslim-American hero, check out this Marvel Legends Series Disney Plus Ms. Marvel 6-Inch Action Figure.

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