Marvel Comic Spider-Man Bust

Marvel Comic Spider-Man Bust
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That Tingling Sensation 
Superpowers like flight or super strength are so overrated. Sure, they can be handy in a fight, but when all on their own, they can be easily overcome by tons of low-level villains. When it comes to the iconic superhero, Spider-Man everyone seems to focus on his ability to shoot webs. Well, in some iterations, that's not even really a power. he makes his own web fluid and has a set of web shooters. A power that he definitely has and that is often overlooked is his Spider-Sense.
With his Spider-Sense, he can sense when danger is near and avoid it with his speed and quick reflexes. With a power like that, he can avoid nearly all damage in a fight. Then with his super strength and agility, as well as his amazing intellect, he can overcome just about any villain that comes his way.
Sense the Details
This amazing Marvel Comic Spider-Man Bust features our hero making use of his Spider-Sense. Whatever is about to come his way will be easily dodged and he'll make his counterattack. This statue has been carefully crafted to include all of the details from the comic books that we know and love. From the design of his suit to the curves of his muscles, everything has been meticulously molded. Add this amazing collectible to your Marvel display today!

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