Marvel Captain America Premium Costume for Adults

Marvel Captain America Premium Costume for Adults
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The Super Soldier
We all dream of being better versions of ourselves. We all want to be the person who stands up to the big bullies of the world. We all want to protect the innocent from imminent danger and we all want to lead a team full of superheroes to save the day. Of course, Steve Rogers actually got that chance! Back during World War II, he was able to transform his scrawny self into the peak of human physique… becoming the champion of all of the "little guys" of the world!
Now, it's not every day that scientist approaches you with an experimental new serum that will turn you into a superhero, but with this Marvel Captain America Premium Costume, you'll have the uniform ready just in case!
Fun Details
This officially licensed costume is a premium outfit that's based on Captain America's signature costume from the comic books. The costume starts with a jumpsuit that features Cap's red, white, and blue pattern on the exterior. It even has the bold, faux leather star on the chest. The suit has some stretch to help give this outfit a form fit and it secures with a zipper in the back. The suit also comes with a simple belt that fits around your waist to make you look equipped to deal with any Avengers level threat! The boot covers and gloves are bright red, adding a heroic pop of color to the outfit and to finish the whole look off, the costume comes with a hood and mask combination that turns you into a real superhero!
Avengers Assemble!
When you get suited up in this high-quality costume, you'll be ready to lead your own team of superheroes into battle! You won't even be able to wait to utter Cap's signature phrase!

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