Marvel Animated X-Men Storm 1:7 Scale Mini-Bust

Marvel Animated X-Men Storm 1:7 Scale Mini-Bust
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Storm Of The Century
You'll be able to weather any storm that comes your way once you bring this Marvel Animated X-Men Storm Bust into your home. One of the most powerful mutants to ever grace the pages of Marvel comics is ready to be the pride and joy of your Marvel collection. Clear an entire shelf for this bust, if there was ever an X-Men that deserved it, it's Storm.
Not only has this X-Men helped lead her fellow mutant heroes against some of the mightiest foes in Marvel, but she also has teamed up with plenty of other super teams. Storm was even married to T'Challa at one point. Talk about a power couple. Storm and Black Panther? Those two could rule the Marvel Universe if they put their minds to it!
The Heroic Details
This bust features Storm in her classic comic book hero costume. Her vibrant white spandex suit and cape are complimented with gold trim. Her long, luscious hair matches the color of her suit. In her hand she is brewing up a thunderstorm, starting with the lighting. 
This statue is made perfectly to scale, being one-seventh of the actual size of this iconic hero. Storm is atop a stand that is designed to resemble the technology from the X-Men comics. Wherever you display this magnificent bust, you'll be sure to impress all of your fellow Marvel fanatics!

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