Iron-On Marvel Captain America Patch

Iron-On Marvel Captain America Patch
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Many of the most heroic events that our world have seen come to fruition when two or more superheroes get together and combine forces.  This is made exceptionally true when we're talking about the leaders of two factions of superheroes!
Captain America and Iron Man do not always see eye to eye.  That's part of their appeal, actually, but when the two do put their symbolic heroism and genius innovation together, we end up with things that change our lives on every level!
Admittedly, this is one of the more subtle additions that we've come upon, but this Marvel Captain America Iron-On Patch is a super combination.  Begin with the iconic red, white, and blue circular shield image and merge that with the futuristic marvel of Iron-On technology.  We're not positive that this is from Stark Labs, but it's got the Iron-thing going on, so where else could it come from!? 
When setting out on your daily adventures, be sure that you have the guardianship of your favorite Avenger to come along with.  This Marvel Captain America Iron-On Patch is a sure way to show your support for the Cap and channel his heroic ideals.  Just watch out for any jealous folks wearing Iron Man patches.

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