Funko POP! Spider-Man – J.Jonah Jameson Figure

Funko POP! Spider-Man - J.Jonah Jameson Figure
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New Collectible or New Boss?
This Funko POP! Spider-Man – J.Jonah Jameson Vinyl Figure wants one thing and one thing only. It wants pictures of that terrible vigilante Spider-Man! Are you ready to take on that job? If you wish to add J.Jonah Jameson to your Funko Marvel collection, you better be prepared to hold up your end of the deal. Otherwise, Mr. Jameson will gladly take his business elsewhere. Just because you bought him doesn't mean he won't fire you. He's got a paper to run, after all.
Be a proud employee of the Daily Bugle when you invite Jonah into your home. Give him pictures of Spider-Man and you'll have the happiest collectible in town!

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