Deadpool Expressions Backpack All Over Print

Deadpool Expressions Backpack All Over Print
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Inside the Backpack
What's in your Backpack? Books? Your laptop? A stack of notebooks? Perhaps you have a bunch of board games inside, or maybe you like to put your world-famous marble collection inside. Now, what do you think Deadpool puts inside of his backpack? Chimichangas? Extra hot sauce? Ninja swords, or maybe a stray grenade or two?
That just goes to show you how versatile the humble backpack is! You can use it for rather mundane things, or you can use them to carry out a deadly mission with Cable. This Deadpool Expressions Backpack works for both uses!
Fun Details
This Deadpool backpack might seem like an ordinary backpack, but that's where you're wrong. Sure, it's made out of a sturdy canvas material and has zipper openings on top. Nothing too crazy about that. It also has adjustable shoulder straps. That's also pretty normal. The extraordinary part about this pack is that it has Deadpools all over the exterior. Tons of them! Each one is in a comical pose, showcasing the Marvel superhero's wacky antics.
Style with a Capital "D"
This backpack oozes Deadpool style. Whether you use it to carry some school supplies, or you use it on your next ultra-secret X-Force mission is up to you!

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