Animated X-Men Diamond Select Deadpool Bust | Marvel Gifts

Animated X-Men Diamond Select Deadpool Bust | Marvel Gifts
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The Fourth Wall-Breaking Bust
Deadpool knows that he's in a comic. We don't know how he knows it, but he does. It's kind of eerie and it got us thinking… does this Diamond Select Animated X-Men Deadpool Bust know that it's a collectible? We've been keeping a close eye on it, just waiting for it to talk to us. So far, we've spent a few weeks watching it. It hasn't said anything yet, but we'll keep you posted. This whole experience, however, has given us plenty of time to admire this highly detailed bust of the Merc with a Mouth!
Fun Details
This Diamond Select Deadpool bust brings you the X-Men character in all of his comic book glory! The Marvel-inspired bust is made out of molded resin and is sculpted to look just like he does in the comic books and the 90s cartoon series. The paint job is vivid and has comic-style shading throughout. The figure was designed by Barry Bradfield, and masterfully sculpted by Paul Harding. It also has a limited run of 3,000 pieces, making it a highly collectible piece for any Deadpool fan. It even comes with a certificate of authenticity for piece of mind!

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