Adult Marvel Captain America Suit Up Crew Socks | Captain America Apparel

Adult Marvel Captain America Suit Up Crew Socks | Captain America Apparel
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You've heard the claim before… You get yourself a brand new car, shiny and sleek, and you just can't wait to get it out on the road and see just how fast it is going to get up to 60 and beyond.  Of course, you're missing one crucial step!
The racing stripe!  Everyone knows that adding a good red or white stripe is sure to nearly double a car's max velocity.  Who knew that this truth carried through to people, too!  Everyone thought Captain America got his power from a serum.  Heck, no; it was the stripes on his gear! 
Put yourself into a higher gear with the right gear for your feet.  These officially licensed Marvel Captain America Suit Up Crew Socks are just the accessories you need to boost your game.  The cotton and polyester blend make for a comfortable and easy fitting pair while the iconic red, white, and blue stripes will have folks seeing stars as you blur on by!  
Let's face it; high tech and secret medical labs that will fuse a super soldier serum with your DNA probably aren't around.  And, if they are, the application line is going to be crazy long.  Be sure to be wearing some really comfy socks while you wait for your injection.  These Marvel Captain America Socks are just the ticket! 

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